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Upside Down, Cassiopeia, Mangrove Jellyfish Display Tanks and Systems. Shallow and Wide Open Top Frame allows for access and view from above. Lighting Hanging Gallows suspends strong light above tank.

Jellyfish Grow Out /Holding Tanks and Systems designed to keep planktonic specimens suspended. Simple spraybar and screened exits create water rotation and minimize exit blockage.














Seahorse Tanks made tall specifically for seahorses. Built-In 3 stage filter system and strong 'valved' water pumps use spraybar to maintain diffused waterflow within tank. Wide assortment of sizes and shapes. 


Coral Frag Tanks and Coral Growing Systems. Available in tank-only or as a complete coral fragment growing system. Tanks are shallow for maximum light penetration and easy access. Elevated grid supports corals and allow for a strong sweeping waterflow. 

How To Keep Jellyfish in Aquariums by Chad Widmer

Custom Aquarium Interior Design Installation Service

MyFishTank acrylic aquariums and quality aquarium furniture

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Aquarium Design Installation Maintenance Service Thousand Oaks California

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