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Convert any tank manufactures equally sided Hexagon, Cube or Cylinder tanks into a jellyfish aquarium.  



Fits into the top of the tank and creates a 3D geometric shaped current that gently rotates jellyfish evenly.





Four sizes of the Jelliquarium 360 are available, the Small for desktop 4.5 to 10 gallon tanks, the Medium for 12 to 35 gallon tank, the Large for 55 to 200 gallon tanks, and the XLarge for larger systems.





All Jelliquarium systems include color changing LED lights with muliple color opyions and hand-held remote control. Optional Chiller Pump Assembly pumps water out to optional external chiller unit for maintaining 64 to 68 coldwater temperatures needed.

Jelliquarium 360 is 3D CAD designed and enginnered, State-Of-The-Art 3D Printed and proudy  MADE IN THE USA
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